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my roller coaster called "life"

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Thursday, October 2nd, 2003
9:04 pm - 'm logged into this journal...just because. so ha
You are the Harbor Knight David. You shoulder a
blue lightsaber. You enjoy speaking German
while sitting in the Harbor Greenroom, eating
Coldstone strawberry ice cream with

Knights of the Old Harbor Republic
brought to you by Quizilla

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Wednesday, October 1st, 2003
11:47 am - My grandma:
Born: 2/14/25
Died: 10/1/03 8:48AM

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Tuesday, September 30th, 2003
12:41 am - guess who feels better?
okay, well I dont...but I dont feel as lost.
That's what friends are for:)
I'm so worn out though, I need some sleep.
...so, instead of that I'm off to switch places with Lauren, taking up the care of my gram.

One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life:
that word is love.

- Sophocles -

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Monday, September 29th, 2003
8:23 pm
I'm watching old videos of me growing up...at one point my brother said:

"This is why you dont tease your little sister. She'll torture the shit out of ya. Then you cant drink more beer."-him
I was forcing him to pretend he was a pony. named Ola.
I love it.
Also I'd like to state: hot damn-I was one spoiled brat! and I do mean B-R-A-T!
I would never let Joe pick me up, I always ran to Ryan...and in a way I suppose, I still show favor to Ryan over Joe.
I know why I do, but gees! I'm such a brat.
man, I was BRATTY.

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12:49 pm
.......I stayed home from school.......

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Sunday, September 28th, 2003
11:20 pm - Back from the ellys folks!
My night in "quick mode":
I love my dress!
Mego won, David won, and Jeremy (who was not there) won.Oh-!, and Stuart as well. a bundle of others were there as well, but that' erin's job to post;) I love you honey!
I did a fine job of losing allen and me on our way back home-sorry dear. Although it IS payback for nearly getting me into a head-on death trap! :D
I smell really really good. somebody must have had really nice perfume on who I hugged. I thank you whoever you are!!
I'm not as bouncy as my writing may come off though...it's kind of depressing in my house. you walk in and BAM-depression truck hits you fully.
Now, if you walk into my gram's bedroom, there's no words. depression...just wont cover it. you walk into that room and the world ends.
Funny, I am amazingly happy though. I have wonderful friends and that just makes everything dandy.
--wooooow I smell good! I'm going to be in bliss in a moment! WOOOW!!!you know what else is cool? I dont have homework. I never do for monday classes.
OH! Kate won also! I havent seen her in a while!!
and DAMN--I smell GOOD!

current mood: smelling like WOOW

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1:21 pm - WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got a dress!
AND I bought an extra one, cause my mommy rocks so hard!
AND I got shoes! and an evening wrap!
...I actually didnt want to spend money this time, but my DARLING mother had to have the best.
I'm seriously floating on a cloud right now! if ANYTHING bad happens SOMEONE will PAY! I'm sooo happy!! happy happy! I cant wait to see my muffie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow, can you tell that I'm HAPPY?!

current mood: happy

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Saturday, September 27th, 2003
10:57 pm
I've been suckered into going to the Ellys.

::many many blood vessels pop inside my brain::

GAH! I need something to wear!!
My father is calling at 10-10:30am, so I need to be home, then I need to shop.
What am I gonna do with this CRAP I call hair?
nails are (thankfully) fine.
ohhh if one breaks, I'll....I'll BREAK.
I'm so ugly! I need like a gazillion things of make-up, which wont actually happen since I hate the stuff.
I'll need shoes to match my dress.
I want blue dress, and where the hell am I gonna find THOSE shoes?!

---....I'm such a girl.

current mood: worried

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7:59 pm - it was my mom's birthday today.-it went well
sorry, I just dont have the energy for a post on my oh-so-wonderful life.

current mood: sad

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12:10 am - we're nasty kids.
Cheshirecatspawn [12:09 AM]: you can too! I don't know if it's ever happend, but it could
R00FT0PGAL [12:10 AM]: NO YOU CANT! a guy's dick needs to be hard(screw formality) and to get that way he needs to be turned on!
R00FT0PGAL [12:10 AM]: ruling out "rape" and bringing in "fucking"

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12:08 am - Qhad to stick his two cents in!
Cheshirecatspawn [12:07 AM]: lol, guys can too get raped. For one, they can be butt raped. For too, they can be forced to have sex! it would happen!
R00FT0PGAL [12:08 AM]: ok, they can be ass raped. but not by a woman!
R00FT0PGAL [12:08 AM]: or a natural one at that

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12:00 am - it was random. and fun. and I'm random and scary tonight. let's add FUN
Cheshirecatspawn [11:57 PM]: jsut cause people are cruel. Why would Q ever want to be 182?
R00FT0PGAL [11:58 PM]: lol! I'm gonna live till 90. bah
Cheshirecatspawn [11:58 PM]: that's good. You'll have haliee's babys so you'll have a reason to live that long
R00FT0PGAL [12:00 AM]: LOL! why aint she having MY babies? oh wait...no no! I'll have hers! making her the male in the relationship!!

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Friday, September 26th, 2003
11:56 pm - jUju on "why guys cannot be raped"
If a man were to be properly raped, he'd need an erection. To acquire such a thing, he'd need to be excited. If he were excited, he wouldnt be screaming "stop you evil thing. I dont want it. NO" Therefor, it'd be two people (or more if you're into "gang rape") having mad sex.

::stares at Q::
Cinsy backs me up dammit.
We insomniacs are so damn smart.

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11:47 pm
oh PLEASE go fuck a fence.
but dont forget to tip the moss. otherwise it'll never face WEST again. you stupid sugarwisher!

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11:40 pm - "fuck me blind through the ear with a horse if you please."-yours truly

current mood: me.

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11:01 pm - I love it!
Q is the one I love.
Justin is the one I like, but it cant work out.
Muffie is the one I care most about.
Cinsy knows me best.
Hailee is my lucky star.
"Girls just wanna have fun" shows my mind best.
"Like a prayer" tells what I feel about life.
"My boyfriend's back" matches Q.

oh dear, I may be stuck here on this page ALL NIGHT.
I'm not going to correct any of these except for dear Justin, really. NO. the kid amuses me, that's all. even if I did like him though, it wouldnt work out. So it does work in a twisted sense.

OH! this was the quiz which was on allen's journal.
I havent gone nuts, yet. ;)

current mood: amused

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2:38 pm
we all love my new icon, I know. It's fantabulous.

I woke up at 7am, then 12pm. then viXy called. I canceled on her. she had me cancel on kat for her. I went back to sleep. I'm now up. and I have nothing to do until later on this evening.

current mood: awake

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Thursday, September 25th, 2003
9:32 pm
scratch the last entry! THE ROOM IS SPINNING!!
hahahahaha, I actually find it amusing. and NO, I'm not drunk or on pills.
my room is simply spinning.

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9:30 pm
mari told me to stop being unhealthy...grr.

okay, I do feel a million smiles better, so I just might. That is, until an algebra quiz or something...then again, one COULD say I feel better because of the sherry, but I know that just isnt true.

I'm off to hold my mommy

current mood: content

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5:18 pm
Q) What is Dilaudid?

A) Dilaudid is an analgesic narcotic with an addiction liability similar to that of morphine. It is apparent within 15 minutes and remains in effect for more than 5 hours. Dilaudid is approximately 8 times more potent on a milligram basis than morphine. Often called "drug store heroin" on the streets.

damn...I told a girl in my class today that it lasted 5 hrs...I didnt really know that I was answering her...at least I was right, lol.

current mood: still rather stupid

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